• A Review of Chess Rules - Chess is a strategy game played on a square board with pieces that move and capture one another in different ways. Checkmate the king to win the game.
  • A Primer on Defending Your Chess Pieces - A strong line of defense is crucial in chess. Guard your pieces with blocks and defenses, evade capture by moving to other squares or check the king.
  • A Survey of Chess Notation Types - Chess scholars and players use three classes of chess notation: standard algebraic notation, the easy forsyth notation and the descriptive method.
  • An Introduction to Chess Openings - Chess openings fall into several classes: open or closed; king's side or queen's side; flank openings; defense, attack, gambit or counter-gambit.
  • Chess Checkmating Basics and Patterns - Checkmate is the king's death in chess. Mate with the king and queen or your two rooks, or checkmate at the back rank with a lone piece.
  • Five Fundamental Chess Tactics - A skewer forces your opponent to give up one piece to salvage another. Force a draw with a stalemate or win with a back rank checkmate.
  • Four Essential Chess Tactics - Cripple your opponent with a double attack, escape the fork with an intermdiate move or remove the defender with a deflection.
  • How to Develop Your Pieces in Chess - Development sets the stage for a chess battle. Move pawns first, then knights and bishops. Castle and develop the rooks and lastly the queen.
  • How to Play Better Chess - Rise in the grades by joining a chess club. Replay classic games and follow the grandmasters' example. Use chess software to analyze games.
  • Learning Basic Chess Tactics for Beginners - Both tactic and strategy must be learned in chess. Master the basics first with pinning, x-ray, freeing, discovered attack and removing the guard.
  • Notes on Attacking and Capturing Enemy Chess Pieces - Chess action is driven by captures. Use points to judge a series of captures, exploit overloaded men and check the king to attack vulnerable pieces.
  • Playing the Middle Game in Chess - Evaluate your position in the middle game. Use chess tactics to gain a quick advantage or to remove a weakness. Form a battle plan for the end game.
  • Preparing for the End Game in Chess - Save your rooks and queen for the end game. Drive the enemy king to the edge of the board and form basic checkmating patterns.
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